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Customer story

How OpenPhone Increased their outbound reply rate by 2.5X with Unify

increased reply rate
25 hrs
saved per rep per month
outbound opportunities created
The world’s most collaborative and integrated business phone serving 38,000+ customers.
San Francisco, CA

Prior to Unify, OpenPhone leveraged tools like, Outreach and Clearbit Reveal but struggled to produce consistent outbound results with them.


Unify powers nearly 100% of OpenPhone's outbound pipeline. OpenPhone 2.5x’ed their outbound email reply rate and 25% of replies were positive sentiment. Unify has powered more than 100 outbound opportunities to date, and transformed outbound into a consistent revenue driver for OpenPhone.


Prior to Unify, OpenPhone used tools like, Outreach, and Clearbit Reveal but struggled with consistent outbound results. The process of connecting these tools was difficult and time-consuming, taking up to 60 hours a month.

“Having an outbound motion is essential to us because it's important to take control of our own destiny when it comes to growth,” said Giancarlo, VP of Sales at OpenPhone. Makalie, who manages Revenue and Sales Operations, found that connecting the dots between tools was tedious and inefficient.

“It’s easy to email a bunch of cold prospects, but in today’s world that doesn’t get positive replies or engagement,” Giancarlo added.


Unify's platform streamlined OpenPhone’s outbound processes and integrated seamlessly with their existing tools. The onboarding was fast and efficient, allowing OpenPhone to launch their first playbook within a day.

“We were surprised with how easy it was to set Unify up given how powerful it is. We integrated Unify with Salesforce and our website in an hour,” said Makalie.

Unify’s ability to distill contacts and leads while handling duplicates out of the box was a significant advantage. “Unify handled the complexity of our Salesforce out of the box,” Makalie noted.


OpenPhone achieved remarkable results shortly after implementing Unify:

  • 100% of OpenPhone's outbound pipeline powered by Unify
  • 2.5x improvement in outbound email reply rate, with 25% of replies being positive
  • 100+ outbound opportunities created
The impact was immediate, with positive replies and booked meetings within the first week. “With Unify, we can connect with our customers when it matters,” said Makalie.
Unify saved OpenPhone’s team 60 hours per month by automating prospecting based on website intent data. “This is so valuable because it means one less thing on my task list every day,” added Makalie.
Moreover, Unify’s world-class support stood out. “Support from Unify has been fantastic – the team responds within minutes and treats our issues like their own,” Makalie emphasized.

Unify transformed OpenPhone's outbound efforts into a consistent revenue driver, significantly enhancing their sales operations and efficiency.