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Customer story

OpenPhone powers nearly 100% of outbound pipeline with Unify

outbound pipeline powered
increased reply rate
25 hours
per rep saved / month
<2 hours
implementation time
The world’s most collaborative and integrated business phone serving 38,000+ customers.
San Francisco, CA

Prior to Unify, OpenPhone leveraged tools like, Outreach and Clearbit Reveal but struggled to produce consistent outbound results with them.


Unify powers nearly 100% of OpenPhone's outbound pipeline. OpenPhone 2.5x’ed their outbound email reply rate and 25% of replies were positive sentiment. Unify has powered more than 100 outbound opportunities to date, and transformed outbound into a consistent revenue driver for OpenPhone.


OpenPhone is the world’s most collaborative and integrated business phone serving 38,000+ businesses globally. As VP of Sales at OpenPhone, Giancarlo and the OpenPhone sales team were heads down on improving their outbound sales motion. “Having an outbound motion is essential to us because it's important to take control of our own destiny when it comes to growth.”

Makalie manages all of Revenue and Sales Operations for a growing revenue team of 13 and was looking for leverage. “We were using, Clearbit Reveal, Outreach and Salesforce but found that the process of connecting the dots between them was difficult and took me and Giancarlo 60 hours a month. From pulling lead lists from Apollo, writing copy, uploading data via CSVs, it's all tedious and time consuming.”

“It’s easy to email a bunch of cold prospects, but in today’s world that doesn’t get positive replies or engagement.” said Giancarlo

Giancarlo and Makalie saw Unify as a platform to connect the dots between their existing tools, and take a more data-driven approach to outbound. They saw an opportunity to replace manual processes and save time for themselves and other revenue leaders on the team.

“Unify’s pitch to act on the moments that our buyers are showing intent resonated as a product-led company.” said Giancarlo


Onboarding to Unify was fast and efficient.

“We were surprised with how easy it was to set Unify up given how powerful it is. We integrated Unify with Salesforce and our website in an hour and then launched our first playbook the same day.” said Makalie

Giancarlo and Makalie had been burned in the past by Salesforce integrations and how important the nuances were. Unify’s ability to distill contacts and leads in a way that made sense, plus handle duplicates out of the box appealed to them. “We leverage both the contact and lead objects in Salesforce and most sales software doesn’t handle this well” said Makalie.

Makalie was surprised with how well Unify understood their go-to-market systems. “Unify handled the complexity of our Salesforce out of the box.”


Time to value was immediate. “We saw positive replies trickle in over the first couple of days and were booking meetings within a week of launch” said Giancarlo. Results that OpenPhone has achieved in just a few months with Unify:

  • Nearly 100% of OpenPhone's outbound pipeline powered by Unify
  • 2.5x improvement in outbound email reply rate, and 25% of replies are positive
  • 100+ outbound opportunities created

OpenPhone was already doing the hard work of driving tens of thousands of high intent website visitors to the site every month. “Most of that traffic doesn’t ask for a demo. With Unify we can connect with our customers when it matters” said Makalie.

Demands on Makalie are high as she is the only Revenue Operations team member. Makalie previously resorted to CSVs and Salesforce Data Loader for running outbound campaigns and prospecting.

“With Unify I can put prospecting based on website intent data on autopilot. This is so valuable because it means one less thing on my task list every day. Unify saves our team 60 hours / month” said Makalie

One of Makalie’s favorite things about Unify is its world-class support. “Support from Unify has been fantastic – the team responds within minutes when we have an issue, and is always ready to hop on a call. Unify treats our issues like their own which I appreciate from a partner.”