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Customer story

Abacum powered $250,000 of pipeline in less than 2 hours with Unify

Outbound pipeline powered
75% reduction
In time spent manually pulling contact data
<2 hour
Implementation time
A FP&A platform for finance teams to automate reporting and financial planning
New York, NY

As Chief of Staff at Abacum, Max was tasked with accelerating the company’s growth with outbound sales. Max had recently onboarded both 6sense and G2 for intent data, but was struggling to integrate them into sellers' workflows. Handling intent signals required jumping between Slack, Salesforce, Lusha, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, 6sense and Salesloft.


With Unify, Abacum has reduced the time spent prospecting on website and G2 intent data by 75%. Unify’s warm outbound platform powers $250,000 of pipeline each year for Abacum.


Abacum is the leading platform that empowers FP&A teams to upgrade their workflows from spreadsheet to connected planning. Abacum’s solution that focused on automating repetitive planning workflows struck a chord with finance teams who were focused on efficiency. Across Seed and Series A fundraises in 2021, they raised $32M to fund their vision. With clear product-market-fit and a global presence, Max’s top priority was to get the growth engine firing.

How Unify Transformed Abacum’s Prospecting Workflows

Max (Chief of Staff) was tasked with taking Abacum’s outbound engine from zero to one. SDRs were already seeing success prospecting to companies visiting Abacum’s website, but the workflows to outbound to those companies were highly manual and inefficient. G2 intent was sent to sellers via Slack alerts where they then had to manually identify contacts to reach out to.

“SDRs were leveraging tools like Lusha, 6sense and Linkedin Sales Navigator, but the process of getting valuable data out of them into Salesforce and Salesloft was insanely time consuming.”

Once a company hit Abacum’s website or a competitor’s G2 page, Max found that sellers were repeating the same tedious workflow of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Lusha to find contacts to reach out to, pushing data to Salesforce, and only then reaching out to prospects in Salesloft. “Our team was spending 2-3 minutes per contact which added up quickly across hundreds of contacts per month.”

With Unify, Abacum stood up audiences and playbooks to automate these workflows. Every time a company hit the website or a competitor’s G2 page, Unify identified the right contacts and their contact info, and synced the data to Salesforce in real-time. Not only was the process fast, but the B2B contact info from Unify (email, phone number, name, title, etc) was extremely high quality. “We did a review of contact quality with our reps and found that Unify’s automated approach was as good as our manual one, but took a fraction of the time.”

“With Unify, the time my SDRs spend 75% less time on prospecting. This is a massive productivity boost, prospecting is now 4x faster than it used to be.”

Implementation: Done in Less Than 2 Hours

Getting Unify stood up took less than 2 hours and was seamless and painless. “We integrated Unify with Salesforce and our website on a single call and launched our first playbook on the same day.” Max was impressed with Unify’s bi-directional sync with Salesforce which ensures the data he’s seeing in Unify is consistent with Salesforce. “I appreciated how easy onboarding was especially since we don’t have a Revenue Operations team today.”

Impact: $250,000 of pipeline powered and 75% time savings

Operational efficiency is always top of mind for Max while supporting a hyper-growth startup. “I’m always trying to automate as much as possible and Unify is an incredibly valuable tool in accomplishing that.”

“Unify is powering $250,000 of outbound pipeline per year by transforming intent data into automated outbound campaigns. It’s a necessary platform for outbound today.”

Less time spent on painful, manual tasks means reps have more time for strategic work. “Unify gets us one step closer to our revenue goals and lets our reps spend time on activities like personalizing messaging, objection handling, and cold calling.” Unify gets Abacum one step closer to hitting revenue goals before the quarter has even started.