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of pipeline and counting.

Unify has powered $16,061,268 of pipeline and counting.

Growth, marketing, and sales leaders at high growth companies use Unify to power warm outbound.

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"Unify helps us turn website intent data into actionable outbound triggers. Unify handles everything from pulling contacts to loading data into Salesforce to sending emails."

Jean Lafleur

Co-founder & COO, Airbyte

"We've already seen 5x ROI from Unify. It's the new way to approach warm outbound that centralizes all of your signals, sales and marketing data in one single source of truth. They’re consolidating the outbound sales stack into an all-in-one platform."

Max Beauroyre

Chief of Staff, Abacum

"With Unify we know which companies are on our website researching what we do. The Unify team knows Salesforce inside and out and their product works seamlessly with our instance."

Wesley W. Lyon

President & CEO, McGill & Hill Group

"Unify combines multiple outbound processes into one platform making it much easier for our reps to drive pipeline, while also saving us from needing to purchase multiple tools and data sources. The platform is also very easy to use and we were fully implemented in a single day. Anytime we have run into any issues, their customer support quickly responded and resolved the issue."

William Genesen

Growth, OneSchema

"We power nearly 100% of our outbound motion with Unify. For a product-led business, it's a revolutionary way to do warm outbound and infinitely more scalable than managing a large SDR team."

Giancarlo Gialle

VP of Sales and Success, Openphone

"Unify understands our ICP and target personas and pushes high quality prospects directly to Salesforce on autopilot. It eliminates 100 hours of manual work per month we used to spend pulling contact data for our sales and marketing teams."

Amar Chahal

Co-Founder & CEO, Hypercomply

"We booked 3 outbound meetings with Unify in our first month on the product. Unify has been a huge driver in our outbound sales strategy. The data that they provide empowers us to reach out to top prospects with the right content at the right time. Even though the platform is still early, the value it delivers is well worth the investment."

Dumebi Egbuna

Co-Founder & CMO, Chezie

"Unify is an excellent product and will be a regular part of my outbounding stack moving forward. The team at Unify operate with a high sense of urgency and is in constant communication to ensure you're successful."

Vinh Vong

Head of Sales Development, Vantage

"Unify saves us 75% of the time manual prospecting used to take. For a lean sales team, it’s critical that we’re talking with customers and not spending time hunting for prospects one-by-one on LinkedIn Sales Navigator or in Zoominfo."

Dillon Mullaney

VP of Revenue, Mozart Data

"In addition to a fantastic product, the Unify team is incredibly responsive and supports us whenever we need it. The team builds products that they want to use, and it shows."

Peter Sweeney

Product Growth, Onefootprint