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Unify Raises $6.6M from OpenAI, Thrive, and Emergence to Power Warm Outbound

Unify Team
Jan 17, 2024

Introducing Unify

Today is day 366 at Unify and we’re excited to share what we've been working on. Unify’s mission is to power warm outbound for the world’s most ambitious growth, marketing, and sales teams.

To accelerate this mission, we’re incredibly excited to announce our $6.6M seed round led by OpenAI Startup Fund, Thrive Capital and Emergence Capital with participation from 50+ founders, executives and operators. We’re thrilled to count Ramp’s Founders Eric Glyman, Karim Atiyeh, and Gene Lee, Flexport founders Ryan and David Petersen, Box Co-founder Jeff Queisser, G2 Co-founder & CEO Godard Abel, Stord Co-founder & CEO Sean Henry, Guillaume Cabane Co-Founder at HyperGrowth Partners and revenue leaders from companies like Gusto, Notion, Ramp, Retool, and many others as investors.

Both buyers and sellers are frustrated with spray-and-pray outbound that rarely books meetings and overwhelms email inboxes. We believe the future is not about casting a wider net, but rather engaging with the right customers at the exact time they’re looking for a solution.

Buyers leave breadcrumbs around the internet when they’re making a purchasing decision, and best-in-class revenue teams pick them up and act immediately. But to do this requires continuously monitoring intent signals, quickly qualifying accounts, finding high quality contacts, maintaining pristine CRM data, sending high deliverability emails, and much more. This has been a messy, time-consuming, multi-tool task – until now. Unify handles all of this seamlessly under one roof.

With Unify, your outbound workflow starts with positive replies in your inbox.

High-growth companies like Justworks, Airbyte, OpenPhone, SpotAI, and Vantage use Unify to power warm outbound. Since launching in August, we've grown our revenue more than 10x.

If your team is interested in standing up warm outbound, we’d love to chat. Book time to demo Unify here.

Our Story

Our co-founders Austin and Connor first became friends as undergrads at Rice University. After a few years in investing, Austin joined Ramp in 2020 and quickly grew into a leader on the growth product team where his job was to serve as the glue between product, engineering and growth. He was part of the core team that scaled Ramp from a few hundred to 12,000+ customers in just 2 years. Meanwhile, Connor worked at an autonomous driving company before joining Scale AI, where he worked in both machine learning and product engineering teams and deployed ML-powered systems that ran more than a million predictions per month. The two saw a unique opportunity to combine Austin’s growth expertise with Connor’s experience in machine learning to build a product-centric company and change go-to-market.

From Cold to Warm Outbound

Over the past decade, email inboxes, LinkedIn DMs, and phones have been flooded by cold outreach. Buyers are overwhelmed with irrelevant messages and sellers are spending valuable resources blasting emails out that don’t convert. As more companies spray and pray, reply rates decrease, and sellers resort to sending more emails to hit their targets. To combat this, email providers like Gmail are cracking down and enforcing more protections to prevent spam. Today, both buyers and sellers are losing in the world of mass, cold emailing.

Despite these headwinds, outbound is still the most valuable channel for many high-growth companies. Through hundreds of conversations with growth, marketing, sales, and revops leaders, we’ve found that the best organizations utilize signal-based outbound to consistently hit their goals. These teams look for signals that their customers are demonstrating buyer intent. They watch for customers who view their pricing page, look at a competitor’s G2 page, or post a relevant job opening, anything that shows a buyer is looking for a solution. This is warm outbound.

Even for the best revenue teams, these signals are hard to monitor and action on in a timely manner. Today, sellers only spend 28% of their time actually selling and the rest is spent on things like pulling contacts individually from LinkedIn, reviewing Slack alerts to decide if the company is worth reaching out to, and a myriad of other manual, non-scalable tasks. Even if a revenue team has strung together point solutions with brittle integration or code to surface these signals, it's hard to know if sellers are acting on them, with many leads left to fall through the cracks.

Unify is the first platform that powers warm outbound end-to-end. We make it easy to track all the buyer intent signals relevant to your business, automatically prospect for contacts that fit your target personas, and engage them with 1:1 personalized messaging.

Some example workflows that we power for our customers:

  1. Immediately alert the Salesforce account owner via Slack whenever a company visits both the pricing page and a competitor's G2 page on the same day
  2. When an anonymous visitor hits the book a demo page but doesn't convert, find three prospects at their company and add to a sequence
  3. Automate a 1:1 AI personalized email to a past champion of your product when they move jobs

We’re a product-centric company and care deeply about our craft. Our team comes from companies like Ramp, Scale AI, Airbnb, Seatgeek, Spotify, Truepill and Array. We’re hiring exceptional engineers and a business generalist, check out our open career opportunities here.

Book time to demo our product here.